3-chamber profile.
Colour: Oak 3x


3-chamber profile.
Colour: White


sound insulation


thermal insulation


Frost - resistant


Product warranty

1. Icy white color – less exposed to ultraviolet light, which allows the SKYTECH profile to retain color for many years without changing.

2. Improved noise insulation – due to the use of sealing rubber of innovative design, high noise insulation is achieved.

3. Improved thermal insulation – thanks to the excellent clamping and hermetic sealing, improved thermal insulation of SKYTECH windows is achieved.

Regular windows – up to 27 dB

SKYTECH windows – up to 30 dB

4. SKYTECH profiles are checked daily for impact resistance. Such checks allow profiles to be used in cold regions.

Regular windows – 0.52 S/W

SKYTECH windows – 0.79 S/W | 3-chamber system 60 mm system depth
| Glossy profile surface
| Impact resistance at negative and positive temperatures
| Chemical resistance
| Separate chambers for more efficient drainage
| Inclined fold in the frame and in the sash
| It is possible to use standard fittings
| 16 mm groove for fittings (Euronut)
| Large chamber for reinforcement stiffening
| Attachment of fittings using two profile walls
The fittings can also be screwed into the steel structure
| Using different glazing: 4 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm
| Simple processing
| A blind frame is possible