LLC “Plant of “Triumph of MMS.” expand production. A new technological line for the production of reinforcing profiles for PVC systems has been launched

“ASPAN profile” is one of the leading companies in South Kazakhstan region. The plant for the production of reinforcing profiles has recently introduced new technological lines of RVH-systems.

A network of high-quality, in demand in many countries, large companies, as well as private consumers. Due to this, the products are available, thus received a positive assessment of foreign entrepreneurs.

The plant “Triumph MMC”, launched under the state program of forced industrial and innovative development, for 10 thousand tons of products per year. RVC profile products produces competitive specialists, special equipment. The company “Greiner Extrusion” is a world leader in the field of extrusion equipment. With the company “Triumph”, he began working 3 years ago. According to experts, the technologies used in Austria, where “Greiner”, which has no analogues.
Dmitry Baiborodin representative of the Austrian company “GREINER EXTRUSION”;

Engineering, training, and our ancestors launched this project know-how completely did this project. Production of Windows today is very popular, regardless of the crisis now. However, the construction is on, on, and the money required is in line with the Windows. I think that the Aspan company is one of the leading companies in the market of Kazakhstan. It sounds nice, he’s ” Aspan.” The profile exports its production and other regions.

RVH-profiles of high quality, before sending carefully checks everything here creates and customers. The dealer centers of the company are open in 7 regions of Kazakhstan is carried out directly to customers production and now.

The quality of the products is not inferior to any German, it is environmentally friendly and affordable. “If we receive a quality offer from our client, we are always ready to meet their needs, “says the Director of the Triumph plant”

Murat Mamytbekov. Murat Mamytbekov, Director of factory “the TRIUMPH of MMS”;

Company ” Sky ” RVC reinforcing profiles for a wide new workshop and different thickness, walls, plasterboard and tabs. Gives a reduction in the price of a new shop. Moreover, our products are more affordable.

Here there is competition, and then the prices are constantly. “There is a demand, because the quality is responsible for it,” foreign experts say. All conditions for expansion of production are created. Therefore, I decided to launch a new workshop at the plant, which allows to produce about 12 thousand tons per year of RVH-profiles.

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