The plant is equipped with ultra-modern equipment of the European manufacturers, «Greiner Extrusion GmbH» (Austria) and «Krauss Maffei Berstorff» (Germany). Our products are made exclusively from the best raw materials for the formulation developed in collaboration with the German company «Baerlocher» and produced on high-tech extrusion equipment «Greiner Extrusion GmbH» and «Krauss Maffei Berstorff.»
We use only tested and proven materials from leading suppliers «Baerlocher» company (Germany), «Kaneka» (Belgium), «DuPont» (USA), «LG» (Korea). One of our key partners, the Polish company is a large-scale chemical synthesis, JSC «Anwil».


Our company produces a compound for the production of profiles in the proper mixing shop. The process of production of profiles «ASPAN-70» and «ASPAN-60» «SKYWIN-60» and «SKYTECH-60″ occurs on extrusion lines, by continuous extrusion of the mixture. Also there are settings for the lamination of profiles and window sills. Austrian company «FUX», which makes it possible to decorate the profiles of any color on request.


Every consumer, in the operation of plastic windows in the home, hoping for a better result, but faces a number of challenges, which include: thermal insulation, vapor barrier, drainage systems and others. We often resort to wrong decisions, for example, make a hole in the front part of the profile, in order to avoid accumulation of water in the system. But now there is a unique solution to these problems!

We offer you a rubber seal and additional profile. For the system to work properly, you must have complied with all the operating instructions of plastic windows and doors. Sealing rubber profile and additional noise insulation and retain excellent thermal insulation and water drainage system makes it possible to drain completely of water condensate from the system to the outside, it does not form a vapor condensation in the profile, maintaining aesthetic design decoration of windows and doors!

Our company produces 5-chamber PVC profiles «ASPAN-70″ and 4-chamber PVC profiles «ASPAN-60″, 3-and 4-chamber PVC profiles of the brand «SKYWIN-60» and «SKYTECH-60″ and a wide range of window sills. We sell more accessories and materials for high-quality assembly of windows and doors. Decoration profiles and window sills different films made in the laminating units «FUX» (Austria). For lamination product uses film «LGHausys» (Korea) and «Imawell» (Germany).

Laminating films have a unique protective layer against ultraviolet radiation, which makes it possible to maintain the original color for many years!

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