Frost resistance, dimensional stability and durability

frost-Resistant profile – profile designed for use in areas with an average monthly air temperature in January below minus 20°C (control load during durability tests – minus 55°C).

dimensional stability– ability of profiles to keep the form under the influence of operational and other loads.

durability of profiles – the characteristic (parameter) of profiles defining their ability to keep operational properties within the set term confirmed by results of laboratory tests and expressed in conditional years of operation (service life).

Durability, color characteristics (according to the coordinate method), strength of adhesion of a decorative covering with a profile basis define by the techniques approved in accordance with the established procedure.

when determining the durability index, the values of the low-temperature loads in the tests shall not be higher than:

minus 45 °C – for normal profiles;

minus 55 °C – for profiles of frost-resistant performance.

Resistance to chemical agents is determined by GOST 12020 and methods approved in the prescribed manner.

Reduced resistance to heat transfer of profile combinations is determined according to GOST 26602.1.

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