Determination of thermal stability

1. Test facilities and auxiliary devices:

a) temperature Chamber (drying Cabinet) , which provides temperature maintenance up to 200 °C;

b) thermometer for measuring air temperature up to 200 °C with a division of 1 °C;

c) metal line according to GOST 427;

d) stopwatch;

f) glass plate;

(i) talc.

2. The test shall be carried out on three samples (220±5) mm long.

3. Before testing, the temperature chamber is heated to (150±3) °C.

4. The test procedure:

the Sample placed horizontally on a glass plate previously dusted with talc and placed in a chamber, which was incubated for (30±1) min, Then the sample is removed, cooled in air to room temperature and inspected.

5. Processing results:

the Sample is considered to have passed the test, if there is no damage on its outer surfaces, and on the end surface – bundles and shells.

the test Result shall be considered satisfactory if all three samples have passed the test.

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