Determination of resistance to impact at ±T° С

1. Testing facilities and auxiliary>

the Device for determining the resistance to impact shall comply with the following requirements:

– the radius of the spherical surface of the striker – (25±0,5) mm;

– the mass of the striker – (1000±5) g;

– the height of fall of the striker (1500±10) mm;

– distance between supports – (200±1) mm.

1 – sample; 2 – tube with an inner diameter (50+1) mm; 3 – pin; 4 – tripod;

5 – bearing; 6 – the Foundation

diagram of the device for determining the resistance of profiles to impact

2. The test is carried out on ten samples with a length of (300±2) mm.

Test of window sills is carried out on samples of profile boards with a length of (100±2) mm.

3. Prior to the test, the samples of profiles of conventional execution are kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of minus (10±1) °C, and the samples of profiles of frost – resistant performance-minus (20±1) °C for at least 1 h.

the samples of profiles are kept at a temperature of (6±3) °C.

Other test conditions of the window boards are similar to the test conditions of the main profiles.

4. The order of the test.

the Sample is removed from the cooling chamber and placed on supports in such a way that the profile surface operating under operating conditions outside the building is subjected to the test.

the profile Must be positioned so that the strike of the striker falls in the middle of the chamber.

tests shall be Carried out no later than 10 seconds after the sample has been removed from the cooling chamber.

Raise the hammer and using a locking screw installed at a height of 1500 mm. Then release the firing pin, which through the pipe falls freely on the sample. After hitting the firing pin lift, take a sample and visually inspect it.

when testing window sills, the height of the sliver drop may be set to 700 mm.

5. Processing of results.

the Sample is considered to have passed the test, if the visual inspection on its surface is not found cracks, damage, delamination of the finishing coating. Dents on the surface of the specimen shall be allowed at the point of impact.

the test Result is considered satisfactory if at least nine out of ten tested samples have been tested.

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