Determination of changes in color profiles

1. Testing facilities and auxiliary devices: apparatus “Xenotest”, stopwatch, black paper, gray scale standard.

2. The procedure for preparation, testing and processing of the results.

the Test is performed on ten samples cut from the front wall profiles [(50 × 80)±2] mm. Five samples (control) is wrapped in black paper and stored in air. Five samples are placed in the apparatus “Xenotest” and tested on the following cycle:

– moisture (18±0,5) min;

– dry irradiation (102±1) min (wavelength from 240 to 400 nm).

Irradiate the profile surface, operating under operating conditions outside the building. The sample is kept in the apparatus until the total dose of at least 8 GJ/m . The sample is removed from the device, kept in air for at least 24 hours at a temperature (21±3) °C and visually compared with the control samples and the gray scale.

the test Result shall be considered satisfactory if all samples have passed the test.

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